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Large Ob Vans - 24 HD Cam Triple Expandable OB

This brand new Triple Expandable HD Trailer represents the state of the art in huge production trailers.

It has been designed for countries with hard weather conditions, looking at ARET’s more than 40 years experience in Outside Broadcast Van, with more than 240.000 Btu of cooling power and even improved thermal insulation.

The rear expansion side is one of the further steps forward in the famous ARET coachwork technique, maximizing the internal volume and allowing wide operative spaces and 2 separate Production Rooms, essential for the most important Productions.

The project has been focused also to give the easiest operation and maintenance, with reliability and duration as per ARET tradition.

This new layout allows two separate Production Rooms (the main one with a huge 3D shape monitor wall), Camera control, VTR and Slomo Areas, Graphics Console, Audio Room with dedicated sound treatment and a separate equipment and server room.