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services Consulting
The preliminary consulting phase allows ARET to define with the Customer what he needs now and in the future.
ARET proposes to the Customer many possible solutions highlighting the results in terms of economics, reliability, performance etc., finding together the solution that meets all Customer needs now and in the future.

ARET design fully integrates all the system components: Broadcast, Mechanics, Power supply, Air conditioning, Hydraulic etc.
The system grows with each part serving perfectly all the others.
ARET’s experience allows to foresee all the variables for a perfect finished product and though compressing delivery time.

ARET’s Customers are always updated step by step during the realization, so they normally come to commissioning aware of what they are going to meet. During commissioning ARET’s engineers show Customer, with passion and pride, the system’s features and compliancy.

ARET’s engineers endeavour to give Customers the best explanation about the systems. During this meeting are highlighted operation and maintenance instructions. Normally this is not only a technical meeting but even a human contact between ARET and Customer’s engineers. Customer’s engineers take confidence with ARET’s engineers and they know we will be available at any time for any clarification.

After sales support
Safe backup. ARET’s systems are fully redundant, besides the reliability of components together with the perfect design allow ALWAYS system operation. Anyway, in case of fault ARET’s technical assistance is always ready to intervene everywhere. Anyhow ARET after sales support does not stop here: ARET becomes a real supporter of the Customer, assisting Customer in future business plans evaluation.