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Small&Medium Ob Vans - 4 HD Cameras Police OB Van

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WATCH THE 4K VIDEO ON ARET'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL AT THIS LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_y1-rfDBYWU


This 4 HD cameras OB Van was realized for the police department of a country in the middle east. It has been designed for 2 wired cameras, 2 wireless cameras and a robotic PTZ camera that is installed on top of a pneumatic telescopic mast that can be raised up to 8 meters.

The OB Van, based on a Mercedes chassis, has a power supply that can be selected between Public Network and Diesel Generator. The Van is equipped with a 8 kVA Diesel Generator, a 3 kVA UPS, an Insulation Transformer, a built-in cabinet refrigerator and a powerful cooling system both for the production room and the racks.

In between the Diesel Generator area and the Internal Operative area there is a specific acoustic insulation solution that isolated the two rooms.

The OB Van has been designed to allow four positions for camera control, video mixer, audio mixer and graphics/post production.

It also features a specific external flasher lighting system and a multi-tone siren designed on customer's requirements.